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Polymer organic silicon and oxygen etc containing organic radicals are combined chemically each other to be connected. As an unique chemical material having both organic and inorganic properties. It is applied with various forms which is used as a necessary high-functional material in most of industrial fields.

  • Heat Resistance
      One of the silicone cured conditions are that apply heat between 150~250 degree when mixed with catalyst which meaning
      silicone can be maintain up to 350 degree.

  • Cold Resistance
      Silicone is containing phenyl group in chains that can be maintained up to -100 degree.

  • Durability
      Silicone has no double bond which reacts with oxygen, ozone and infra-red within a molecule structure and causes crack. The
      durability is superior causing no property change of matters in the open air after long time.

  • Oil Resistance
      Silicone is superior in oil resistance at high temperatures where general organic can not be used except for fluorine.

  • Incombustibility
      As silicone has less hydrocarbon than general organic that is not easily burned and it has no halogen element not incurring noxious
      gas while burning. In addition, mixed other incombustible agent would be incombustible or self anti-phlogistic silicone.